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    Zeev Lisson & Co. firm was established in 1994 after Adv. Zeev Lisson retired from the Military ranked as Colonel, following a long service during which he fulfilled a variety of senior positions in the IDF MAG Corps. Adv. Zeev Lisson was certified as a lawyer in 1976 and since then gained many years of rich experience.

    The firm maintains offices in Bnei Brak and Haifa in which it provides comprehensive legal services in various practice areas, such as: Civil – Commercial Law, Military Law, Inheritance and Personal Status Law, Real Estate, Expropriation and Planning & Zoning Law. The firm provides comprehensive Notary services.

    Our firm also specializes in counseling, handling and accompanying the process for the reinstatement of Lithuanian Citizenship and European Passport, including the search for documents in Lithuania as well as the translation, preperation and authorization of all relevant documents and notary certificates.

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    Our Values

    Creative and tailor made solutions

    Experienced, reliable and professional

    Available, efficient and personalized service

    European Passport – Rights and Benefits

    A European passport is issued for citizens of the EU Member countries.

    Lithuania has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and therefore its citizens are also considered as EU citizens. Accordingly, they are entitled to issue a Lithuanian passport which is a European passport for all purposes and thus enjoy the many and significant rights and benefits, granted by such a passport, including:

    1. Live, reside and move freely between EU countries
    1. Work in EU countries.
    1. Study in academic education institutions in EU countries, in some cases without cost or reduced / subsidized cost.
    1. Various rights and eases in establishing and managing business and real estate in the EU countries.
    1. Visa exemption for the United States, since Lithuania is included within the American ESTA program, subject to its terms:
    1. The right to enter other countries, some without the need for a visa, in accordance with diplomatic agreements that exist between them and Lithuania.
      A link to the Lithuanian passport index rating and the countries you may enter with it:
    1. Voting and get elected to EU institutions.

    It should be noted that some of the above rights are subject to various conditions, which may vary in each country.

    For more information regarding the rights of EU citizens, please visit:

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    Lithuanian Citizenship - Why Us

    Lithuanian speakers

    Preparation of all required translations and notary authorizations in the Lithuanian language (including notarial certification of translation as opposed to a translator’s declaration) as well as the direct contact with the Lithuanian Migration Department which is conducted in the Lithuanian language

    Ongoing legal advice, guidance and handling throughout the process

    Ongoing and comprehensive counseling, guidance and handling individually and personally throughout the whole process – including the search for documents in Lithuanian archives, legal advice, preparation of all necessary documents, translations and notary authorizations and the official representation directly and in front of the Lithuanian Migration Department

    Specializing in Lithuanian Citizenship since Lithuania entered the European Union in 2004

    Our firm specializes only in restoration of Lithuanian Citizenship – professionally, specifically and intensively – since Lithuania entered the European Union in 2004

    Direct handling in front of the Migration Department

    Representing, submitting and handling all procedures with regard to Lithuanian Citizenship applications – directly in front the Lithuanian Migration Department

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      Additional practice areas

      Zeev Lisson & Co. firm provides legal services of Litigation and Legal Counsel, in various practice areas such as Civil & Commercial Law, Military & Criminal Law, Inheritance & Personal Status Law, Real Estate, Expropriation and Planning & Zoning Law.

      The firm also provides comprehensive Notary Services, specializing in counseling and accompanying the process for acquiring Lithuanian Citizenship & European Passport, including the finding of documents in Lithuania as well as the translation and notarization of all relevant documents.

      All Services
      Civil and Commercial Law
      The firm represents corporate and private clients and provides them a variety of civil & commercial legal services, such as: Handling of Commercial Contracts and Tenders. Representation in financial and commercial claims. Representation in administrative...
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      Real Estate & Planning and Zoning
      The firm gained expertise and extensive experience in handling contracts and Real Estate transactions. It also obtained special expertise in Infrastructure, Land Expropriation, Planning and Zoning Law. The firm represents corporate and private clients in...
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      Military Law
      The firm provides counseling and representation serrvices in military and criminal cases, conducted in courts, military tribunals and various statutory committees, within personal and close guidance to the client throughout the proceedings, such as: Investigation,...
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      Inheritance and Personal Status
      The firm handles a variety of issues regarding to inheritance and Personal Status in various aspects: Estates Management. Drafting, counseling and handling of last wills and testaments. Drafting and issuing documents and notary certificates to...
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      Notary Services
      The firm prepares documents, professional translations and various notary certificates in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Lithuanian and Yiddish. According to the Notary Regulations, the firm handles the preparation of documents and notary certificates, such...
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        Pension from Lithuania

        Many Israelis who left Lithuania and are eligible under Lithuanian law to receive a pension from “Sodra”, the institution which handles pensions in Lithuania.

        Sodra website:

        Our firm also provides the following services for eligible pensioners from Lithuania:

        • Comprehensive handling and representation in obtaining pensions in Lithuania, directly from Sodra.
        • Preparation of all relevant documents and authorizations required for a pension from Lithuania.
        • Preparation of notarized “Life Certificates” in the Lithuanian language. It should be emphasized that the preparation and authorization of such life certificates is legal and applicable only if such made by a qualified notary.
        • submission of pension applications and life certificates directly at Sodra’s offices in Vilnius.
        • Handling special cases.
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