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Founder and Owner

Zeev Lisson, Advocate and Notary (LL.B), (Col. Ret.)

Certified by the Israeli Bar Association since 1976 and as Notary since 1994.

Between the years 1976 to 1994 adv. Zeev Lisson served at the Military Prosecutor’s Office (IDF MAG Corps) in a variety of senior positions. After he retired from the military in 1994 ,ranked as colonel, he founded the firm and currently employs several lawyers and secretarial staff in the two branch offices located in Haifa and Bnei Brak.

Adv. Zeev Lisson acquired extensive experience in Military and Criminal Law, Real Estate transactions and Law, Inheritance & Personal Status Law and in reinstatement of Lithuanian Citizenship (European Passport). He Gained special expertise in representing soldiers, reservists and listed soldiers & Officers in military courts and at various statutory committees. Adv. Lisson also served as an advocate pro bono in military reserve duty.

Adv. Zeev Lisson served in various public positions including as Director and Chairman of the board of Old Acre Development Company.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Lithuanian and Yiddish.

Founder and Owner

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Lithuanian Citizenship and Pension
Since Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, our firm professionally and intensively handles the process of the reinstatement of Lithuanian Citizenship and European Passport.
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European Passport - Rights and Benefits
A European passport is issued to citizens of the EU Member countries. Lithuania has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and since then its citizens are also EU citizens. Accordingly, they are entitled...
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Eligibility for Lithuanian Citizenship and European Passport
Over the years, and especially since Lithuania entered the European Union, and as has recently been the case, the Lithuanian law regarding eligibility for Lithuanian citizenship has already changed several times, both regarding the legal...
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